Interesting Facts About Sweat

Interesting Facts About Sweat

In the world of sweat, you may not think there is anything all the great or exciting to know about it. Well little did you know that there are in fact interesting facts about sweat afterall.

Here is a short list about eight  interesting facts about sweat. And trust me, they are funny if not downright disgusting.

Interesting Fact About Sweat #1- Dogs do not have sweat glands. They keep cool through their mouth. Thus all the panting.

Interesting Fact About Sweat #2 – Sweat protects the skin against ultraviolet radiation.

Interesting Fact About Sweat #3- King Louis XII of France only took two baths in his life. Talk about some serious funk. And we are not talking about George Clinton and the Parliament Funkadelic either.

Interesting Fact About Sweat #4- Human sweat is made from the same stuff as urine.

Interesting Fact About Sweat #5- Human sweat contains a chemical that is literally the same as wasp poison. I still wouldn’t advise going without Off bug repellant spray if you go camping though.

Interesting Fact About Sweat #6- A hard working adult can sweat off up to nearly 4 gallons of sweat in the course of a work day. Most of the sweat evaporates before it is clearly noticed.

Interesting Fact About Sweat #7 – Even when completely at rest in a cool environment, a normal person will sweat about half a liter of sweat in a day.

Interesting Fact About Sweat #8 – About 3% of people suffer from excessive sweating, also known as hyperhidrosis or hyperhydrosis, depending on how one chooses to spell it.

These are just some of a few interesting facts about sweat. Did you learn anything new?  Hope you did. Share the knowledge and feel free to share some fun sweat related details and facts with this blog and anywhere else for that matter.

Stay tuned into the blog for more skin and sweat information.

Take care and stay dry,

Love Leilani

“Interesting Facts About Sweat”

Don’t stop here sweat fans! There is more to the sweat pool than tans, margaritas and funky odor. Click here if you dare to learn more about Mr. Funk Nasty and his entourage of smellies!


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